Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Add some ribbons and bows to your Christmas gifts this year with our DIY kawaii felt bow gift toppers! They’re easy to craft and make a big impact. Plus, who wouldn’t love a smiling emoji-reminiscent ribbon?

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Not only is this gift wrap that people want to save, the bows also double as ornaments. You could even add a hair tie or clip to the back!

The pattern makes a bow that’s about 8 inches wide, but you could reduce the templates to make smaller bows. And if you’d rather skip the hot glue, use craft glue for the entire project. (It just takes longer to dry.)

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Ready to wrap up some kawaii cuteness?

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers
  • Felt in 12×18 Sheets or yardage
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Black Embroidery Floss
  • Needle
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Craft Glue
  • Black 6mm Half Round Plastic Eyes/Cabochons
  • Printable template
Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Step 1
Print and cut the bow templates. Pin the templates to the felt and cut out the bow pieces. Be sure to place the long template piece on the folded edge of felt so the piece ends up twice as long as the template.

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Step 2
Use the template as a guide for where to place the mouth on the rectangle piece. Embroider the mouth with back stitch, using all six strands of black embroidery floss.

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Step 3
Fold the ends of the long piece in to meet in the middle and overlap a little. Glue the overlap with hot glue.

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Place the curved ribbon ends piece on the folded bow and stick it down with a dot of hot glue.

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Step 4
Pinch the middle of the bow.

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Wrap the embroidered rectangle around the middle of the bow. Make sure that the mouth is facing the right way. You don’t need to wrap it too tight, but the ends should overlap. Hot glue the overlapping part.

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Step 5
Use craft glue to attach the eyes on each side of the mouth, then let the glue dry.

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

TIP: If you can’t find half-round cabochon eyes, try cutting the backs off of safety eyes with utility scissors. Wiggle eyes would also be cute!

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

To add your bow to a gift, slide ribbon through the back of the bow and tie it onto a package!

Want to simplify the face? After you make the bow, use black acrylic paint to make the eyes and mouth. Or skip that part!

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Make bows in colors to match your gift wrap or in a rainbow of kawaii pastels! They really are super cute.

Kawaii Bow Gift ToppersKawaii Bow Gift Toppers

These bows don’t have to only go on gifts. You can also add a ribbon hanger through the middle part to transform these into ornaments! In fact, you could include the hanging ribbon on the bows when you wrap your gifts. That way the recipient gets an extra present!

Kawaii Bow Gift Toppers

Of course, pretty bows aren’t only for Christmas time. Craft a few for any occasion!

Happy crafting!

Source: https://www.handmadecharlotte.com/kawaii-bow-gift-toppers/

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