Kid O Toys: MagnaTab

Our kids seem to play with their toys less and less these days. Many of the toys from Theo’s birthday party have already lost their luster and made their way down to our (mess of a) playroom to gather dust. Sigh. Because of that, I try to shop with purpose for our children’s toys anymore.

Kid O Toys make clean, modern, cheerful toys for infants and children. I love their slogan, “We make learning look like child’s play” and I have admired their gorgeous, well-designed toys for years. Naturally, when they contacted me to ask if I would like to write a review, I was thrilled!

When I saw Kid O’s MagnaTab Glow, I thought it could be the answer to a recent problem that has cropped up in our car: backseat bickering! In an effort to curb iPad use, we have been relying on books on tape and other non-screen solutions when we know we’ll be in the car for a while. But oddly, just on short trips around town, we’ve noticed a lot of arguing and disagreeing in the backseat. It’s stressful to drive with that going on behind you.

The MagnaTab works by using the magnetic stylus to pull the metal beads to the surface. It’s so fun to write your name, make a design, draw a picture, or try to get just one single line of beads to rise up. (Harder than it looks!) Then, just turn the stylus sideways to push all of the balls back down.

The coolest part is that at night, the entire thing glows! It’s quite mesmerizing. We keep Coco and Theo’s MagnaTabs in the seat back pockets and they never leave the car – except to charge up to glow if we’re driving home from a dinner party or school event in the dark!

The other day, on our way to school, Coco got in the car, buckled up and spontaneously grabbed her MagnaTab and handed Theo’s his! We hadn’t even gotten out of the driveway and they were both doodling happily and showing each other what they had made. We’ve had these in the car for well over a month now and I can happily say they’ve made a positive difference. Plus, they’re absolutely beautiful and pleasant to use, even for adults!

Are you familiar with Kid O toys? Their Myland Collection was created based on STEM principles of cause and effect and sequencing so that kids learn though exploration, without the need for instructions or adult involvement. And the chic floating duck would make such a sweet baby shower gift!

I love that all of Kid O’s toys are so attractive and multifunctional. You can shop the entire collection right here. What do you think? Which would you choose for your children?

This is a sponsored post and I received product in exchange for writing a review reflecting my honest opinion. Please know that I only accept sponsorships from brands I truly admire and thank you for choosing the brands that work with Swiss Lark!


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