Hong Kong Scientist Develops Tool to Measure Kids’ Connectedness to Nature

Cities can be a wonderful place in which to raise kids, but when it comes to connecting kids to nature, they pose challenges. Even when a city has plenty of parks and green space, these can be difficult for families to access, with signs saying “Keep off the grass,” or parents assuming that the area is dirty or dangerous and therefore not safe for a child to play freely.

This has lasting consequences for children, who can develop ‘nature-deficit disorder’ or ‘child-nature disconnectedness’ if a child-nature relationship is not fostered from a young age. Mental and physical health deteriorates with lack of access to the natural world.
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Source: https://www.childrenandnature.org/2019/01/17/hong-kong-scientist-develops-tool-to-measure-kids-connectedness-to-nature/

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