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Contrary to understandings on the part of lots of viewers, the film, according to Korine, was practically entirely scripted, with the only exception being the scene with Casper on the couch at the end, which was improvised. Gus Van Sant had actually been connected to the movie as a producer. After insufficient interest had been produced in the film, he left the project; under incoming producer Cary Woods, the project found adequate independent financing for the movie.

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After Woods showed him the final cut, Miramax paid $3. 5 million to buy the around the world circulation rights of this movie. The movie got mixed evaluations. Rotten Tomatoes reports a favorable score of 46% based on 56 evaluations, with a typical rating of 5. 7/10. The website’s agreement reads, “Kids isn’t scared to check audiences’ limits, but the point of its nearly non-stop provocation is likely to be lost in all the repellent characters and unpleasant images”.

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5 stars out of 4. In his review, he mentioned “Children is the kind of film that needs to be talked about afterward. It does not inform us what it indicates. Sure, it has a “message,” including safe sex. But safe sex is not going to civilize these kids, make them into curious, capable people.

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His life is a sort of hell, briefly disrupted by orgasms.” Other critics derided the movie, with the most typical criticism associating with the viewed lack of creative benefit. Movie critic Janet Maslin of The New York Times called the film a “wake-up call to the modern-day world” about the nature of contemporary youth in urban life.

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Feminist scholar bell hooks spoke extensively about the film in Cultural Criticism and Transformation. “Kids amazed me as a film specifically because when you heard about it, it appeared like the ideal embodiment of the kind of postmodern, ideas of travelling and dislocation and fragmentation and yet when you visit it, it has merely such a conservative take on gender, on race, on the politics of HIV.” Miramax, which was owned by The Walt Disney Company, paid $3.

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