Jools Oliver shares emotional photo of herself seconds after baby’s birth

A photo of Jools Oliver in the seconds after she gave birth to son River has made its way to the internet, and it’s all part of a campaign to highlight brilliant new mums.

The joy of becoming a parent

UK childrenswear retailer Mothercare shared the image on behalf of Jamie and Jools, as part of their First Steps movement on Instagram. (Jools has a close relationship with the Mothercare brand, with her vintage-inspired kids’ label Little Bird sitting under the company’s umbrella.)

Mothercare’s new campaign seeks to remind us of those first elated, unguarded, exhausted moments and “the joy of becoming a parent” – as well as the challenges and cheer that follow welcoming a newborn.

“As part of our #firststeps campaign, where we are celebrating the joy of becoming a parent, @joolsoliver gave us this wonderful image of her first moments with her newborn baby River,” Mothercare posted.

“The sheer emotion on Jools’ face says it all, pure LOVE LOVE and more LOVE.”

Indeed Jools does look very loved-up and also intensely overwhelmed/relieved, as she claps eyes for the very first time on a baby boy that looks like a tiny, bald, wailing version of her celebrity chef husband! 

  Read more about Jamie and Jools:

“You never forget”

Instagrammers were delighted to be privy to such an intimate photo, with many reminded of their own first glimpse of their babies.

“The most amazing feeling in the world,” one mum posted. “I had that feeling three times … you never ever forget … unconditional love.”

“What an impactful moment in a mothers life caught on camera,” another Instagram user wrote.

“Just the most beautiful moment ever,” someone else agreed.

Going for six?

Jools and Jamie Oliver are parents to a whole bunch of children – 16-year-old Poppy, 15-year-old Daisy, 9-year-old Petal, 7-year-old Buddy and 2-year-old River Rocket.

The couple haven’t ruled out having a sixth child, with Jools recently admitting – “I am going to be 44 in November so it would be nice to get it in before I am 44, but you don’t know if anything is going to happen. After that I think I am getting a bit too old. I am very happy with what I’ve got, but a little baby, you can’t beat it.”

Jamie is on board too, telling OK Magazine: “We’re not trying, but you never know – I can’t say there won’t be more kids. Since Jools was 18, a big family was the only thing she wanted. When she said big I thought she meant two kids!”


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